Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser, no trade of mind

Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser, no trade of mind

While it's faracknowledged that Park Yoo-chun's fourth accuser replaced her words and said there used to be no force fascinated with their sexual intercourse, the police deny this.

MBC News Table reported that the fourth girl claimed the sex turned into consensual.

Apparently she changed her brainat the 17th.

However, the Gangnam Police claimed that this observationwill now not be true.

The police added, "The accuser was puzzled on the 17th and 19th yet she did notalternate her statement. She also didn't cancel any fees she made on Park Yoo-chun".

Park Yoo-chun was first accused of rape on the 10th then later 3 more accusers claimed that they were raped.

Park Yoo-chun and his firm are going to take care of this legally and counter sue them for false accusations and threat. They also have recorded evidence of the accuser.

The police have created a team of 12 investigators trustworthy to this case.

The police also have asked prohibition of departure on the 2 accusers whom Park Yoo-chun sued for false accusations and threat.