Hong Sang-soo's family,

Hong Sang-soo's family, "We never equipped text messages"

Hong Sang-soo's circle of relatives are going to sue a femininemag to the click Arbitration Commission. This magazine reported false contents and made up false conversations in a text message.

Apparently this magazine made it appear to be Hong's wife gave her interview off record, as though she poured her middle out to the feminine reporter and made-up text messages that she never provided.

Hong's wife claims she fileused to be made without her consent and the contents of the itemwere notright kind at all. She claimed she never discussedthe rest more or less their monetary conditions.

The hassleturned into worse as a result of the so called 'text messages' between Hong's wife and Kim Min-hee's mother. The household claims there's noexplanation why for them to present text messages as evidence when the interview was conducted off record.

Hong's wife stated she did speak about Kim Min-hee and the verbal exchange she had with Kim Min-hee's motheryet never supplied text messages to the reporter.

The Hong family members states, "We make an apology for this matter. It is not one person's mistake. However, even supposing I stated to the magazine that this conversation was off record, it now notsimplest broke the policy of the ethics of press but added false information. We asked the magazine to proper their mistakes but all they did was just take down the text messages and did not do anything else. Now they are just averting us. We'll sue them in the process the Press Arbitration Committee.

Hong Sang-soo's family have not had an authentic interview with any individualbut even so Dispatch.