Lee Seung-gi and agency:

Lee Seung-gi and agency: "The girl in the rumor, an entire stranger. No amicable solution to the long-established poster"

Singer actor Lee Seung-gi will take robust measures at the initial poster of the malicious rumor and those that spread the rumors online.

Lee Seung-gi's firm Hook Entertainment told Xports News on June 23rd, "Yesterday, (June 22), we asked the police to analyzethe primary poster of the malicious rumor about Lee Seung-gi".

The go along with the agency said, "We were going to let it cross this time back because we've got been making an allowance forthe ones malicious rumors and comments online so that you canspecificpassion just about him. For the explanation that rumors are utterly groundless and false, we were going to let it go this time as well. However, as the rumors are spreading incrediblyspeedy and they even abused a photo of a non-celebrity person, we havemade up our minds to request the investigation" and "The ruin is too large to let it go thinking it all startedonly for fun. We considerwe mightwant to acceptsolid measures to save you the equivalentstate of affairs from recurring".

The partner also acknowledged firmly, "We hesitated first (before inquiring for the investigation) because he's serving army at the moment. The girl in the rumor is an entire stranger to us. Because the malicious posters even stole a non-celebrity's non-public image, we wouldn't have anypurpose to get to the ground of this with the initial poster amicably".

According to the initial posting of the rumor, Lee Seung-gi used to be engulfed in rumors announcing he had an affair with an older girl and delivered a baby. His agency requested the investigation thru cybercrime reporting system. Gangnam police station is in control of the investigation.

Meanwhile, Lee Seung-gi became enlisted in February this year and is lately serving defense force in Republic of Korea Army Special Forces.