10 times antifans attempted to injure or kill Idols

10 times antifans attempted to injure or kill Idols

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterHearing thosestudies of idols is sufficient to make you shudder with fear.

With many fanatics comes many anti-fans as well. Despite the truth thatother peopleconsider that noted idols are enjoyedby capability of everyone, also they aresufferers of anti-fans who send death threats. Apprehensive every bit they are, anti-fans send death threats very repeatedly to idols and will eventake place daily. Here are 10 gruesome times when idols were victims of anti-fans.

10 Times Idols Were Victims of Anti-FansBy Koreaboo

Super Juniors HangengBy Koreaboo

A fan gave a box of cake to the body of workers who passed it along to Hangeng. However, after opening it, the employees saw that the box contained bags of blood, a knife, and a stabbed photo of Hangeng. It was once also showed that the cake contained poison in the type of powder.

Baby VOXs EunhyeBy Koreaboo

In 2000, Eunhye changed into attacked by a male anti-fan who squirted a soy sauce, red pepper, and vinegar aggregate into her eyes the usage of a water gun. As a result, she had to wear an eyepatch on stage. The firm believed that the male attempted to blind the idol yet Eunhye refused to press fees afterwarddeclaring that her damage was minor. Additionally, the singer was also egged and had food thrown at her to the point where she was afraid of anti-fans and refused to stroll alongside her head up.

While the veteran singer was functioning on stage, Na HunA was slashed at the face with a knife by an anti-fan. To this day, the scar still remains on his cheek.

TVXQs YunhoBy Koreaboo

Back in 2006, Yunho drank what he concept was orange juiced that was from a group member. However, it grew to become out that the drink contained super glue which brought about the member to vomit and cough out blood sooner than fainting. On account of the scarring incident, Yunho have becomefurtherwary around other individuals or places that looked very equivalent to the scene of the incident. 

2PM was frightened when they got here across a gift from an anti-fan. They had won a bouquet of plant life that represented death in Korea. Thankfully, the members were now not injured in anyway after receiving the flowers. 

Actress Do Jiwon experienced a terrifying incident when an anti-fan abducted her and locked her in the trunk of a vehicle.

Just recently, BIGBANG and EXO had made comebacks simultaneously, causing the 2 fandoms to flare up opposed toeach and every other. VIPs started panicking after hearing one EXO-L threatening to bomb one of BIGBANGs upcoming concerts. Thankfully,  the EXO-L apologized for the riskin a while after. Though IT was highly not going that the anti-fan were to bomb the concert, it still caused much fear and fright among fans.  

Girls Generation TaeyeonBy Koreaboo

During one in their concerts, while Women Generation was performing, a middle-aged guy came on level and pulled Taeyeon away. Sunny followed the guy and thankfully he was stopped by the safety guards before getting off stage. No one knows what the mans intentions were, but its a larger relief that not anythingtook place to her. 

When Jay Park was making his departure from 2PM while promising to forestall all activities, anti-fans were still infuriated. As a result, many anti-fans signed a petition that called for Jay Parks suicide. The petition gained about 3000 signatures but was later deleted.

Baby VOXs Kan Mi YeonBy Koreaboo

In 1999, because of the truth that Mi Yeon was dating H.O.Ts Moon Heejun, the singer got an envelope stuffed with razor blades as a threat. Mi Yeon briefly reported the incident to the police. 

EXTRA: Woman on Superstar KingBy Koreaboo

This incident was not anything that befell to an idol but still came as a surprise to the singer. After going thru weight loss, a lady came back to the set of Star King and took a photo with Tremendous Juniors Kangin backstage. After uploading the picture on her Cyworld, the lady received many threats and fought with depression. When she couldnt take care of it any longer, the woman committed suicide.

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