Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 9

Drama Review 'Lucky Romance' Episode 9

Bonnie wears her center on her sleeve, while Soo-ho is on a normal basis cryptic with his feelings. The maximum obvious difference between those two personality sorts is the keyappealingfacet of"Lucky Romance", so I used to be relieved that this episode after all had these two interact in some prolongedinformal conversations. This being an admittedly relative term. Bonnie getting emotional over her sister is casual for her, despite the reality thatmost of the people would rather do this in non-publicin position of in front in their boss.

Soo-ho being Bonnie's boss does uploada sophisticatedperspective to the relationship, though. Strictly talking he will have to take fired her for coming directly to him in the primary place. Yet Soo-ho is a sort sympathetic guy who in most cases does no longer care to act that way because nobody ever acts like it is important. And making an allowance for how Seol-hee's consistent apologies usually come off as insincere so or not it'ssimpleto look why Soo-ho acts this way.

Seol-hee is beneficial less as a personality amongst her own dynamic role in the plot and more as comparison, because her personality actually is the other of Bonnie's in lovely much each way. Thematically"Lucky Romance"has a massive number ofsturdyissues like this. Almost certainlythe most efficient moment of interaction between Bonnie and Soo-ho this episode is where she demonstrates how satisfied she is because of her rather nutty non secular obsessions. Soo-ho still thinks Bonnie's ideals are superstitious and crazy, but is beginning to respect that the certain effect they have got on Bonnie is slightly real.

AdvertisementI ought to note, though, that i am yetfairly skeptical that writerChoi Yoon-gyois doing any of this intentionally, because such a lot of the remainder of"Lucky Romance"is little more than filler. All theworker retreat is most commonly just an excuse for everybodyto head ride on dirt bikes. Sure, the optics on which are neater than all peoplestriking out at the office, though information technologyform of conflicts with the total arbitrarily frontloaded deadline.

Yes, with each one passing episode it becomes more transparent that no one in the production team knows or cares about how video game constructionin fact works. It may neatly bemore straightforward to forget about these sections aside from that deficient Geon-wook's majormotive in the tale at this point is to bring up headachesby potential of being a notedfamous person affiliated with a video game. That isone of theseordinary source for struggleI am not even sure how to react to it.