Soompi Network Guidelines

Soompi Network Guidelines

Soompi NetworkRulesWelcome to Soompi!

Were glad to have you here! Our function is to domesticate a positive, smart, a laugh community for lovers of K-pop and K-drama.

Basically, as with maximum news sites, we permit some comments, and not others. Depending at the severity or frequency of the comments, we would possibly either delete the remark or ban the user.

Our moderators and editors reserve the correctto take awaythe rest nosotros deem inappropriate, or someone we feel is doing a disservice to the community. Here is a partial (definitely no longer complete) list of items upon which we might bein a position tomore than likely bring action.

Spam.This is obvious, right? We know what spam is, and we all hate it. Zero tolerance.

Personal attacks.This is lovely much the whole opposite of fostering a favorable environment. Dont call your fellow individuals names, dont insult them, and dont do ad hominem attacks. We could delete your comment, yetmuch more likely than not, neatlydoubtlessly ban you.

Discrimination.Got anything bad to mention close toa undeniablecrew of people? Feel looseto assert IT – then face a ban. Well also come down tough upon loaded insults that subtly call out members of those groups.

Trolling.Hard to define, simple to recognize. Basically, if youre commenting in particular to purposehassle for our personnel or our readers, well take action. Well also take action opposed to baiting, slandering, and doxxing.

Multiple accounts.One person, one account. No regulate egos and no reincarnations, no questions asked. If we see multiple accounts, we're going toeliminate them, and the principle invoice as well.

Accusation of bias.Our editors and writers paintings very hard to bring you the news, but at the finish of the day, it's farjustnow notimaginable to conveymost effectivethe scoop that you in my viewneed to see. We don't appear to beadverse to reasonablymentionedopinions of our coverage; however, we wont tolerate comments to the effect that our employees has a long-running, personal vendetta against your closing bias.

Posts that advertise rape culture and/or victim blaming.Unfortunately, it’s not unusual for us to need torecord on celebrities who either were charged with domestic violence, rape, and sexual assault. We do our best possible to report in a deferential manner, and we ask that you treat either the victim and the suspect with respect. We ask that you not trivialize the attack. Many of us on Soompi have shown that it’s seemingly to give a spice up to their favouritesuperstar without attacking the victim’s identity and integrity. Please apply their lead.

What is victim blaming? Be informed more about it here.

We’re a website online alongside rules, and our intent is to make this a certainarea for folks to discuss, share, and learn.

We don’t enablecompletely unchecked speech, but we do inspire healthy disagreements and dialogue. If you want to have to proportion an opinion that is going against the grain, by ability of all means, cross ahead! Just make sure that your comment meets our guidelines.

If you spot any comments that you have confidence yous studied go against our guidelines, please lend a hand United States of America out by flagging the comment. This may brand it much more straightforward for us to spot and get rid of the comment. Check out not to escalate – just flag.

If a comment receives a certain selection of flags, it should be automatically be removed. We do review all got rid of comments and approve those who we think are not violating our rules, so dont concern if you suspect your comment has been unfairly targeted.

Please note that comments are threaded. There could also be times when we choose to delete an entire thread, adding replies that don't violate our guidelines. This holds especially true if the customary comment in the thread is problematic.

If we think that you’ve damaged our guidelines, not by intent but by truthfulfalse impression (or perhaps even exactly having a bad day), we’re more most probably than not to indicate you in the perfect direction and come up withsome other chance. But if we’ve spottedthat you may have gota normaldependancy of circumventing the rules, we’ll manifestly exist less tolerant.

If you’ve been banned or had your comments moderated, and you ought totalk about it with us, please send us an email at comments -at- Any try to air your grievances publicly will result in a negative outcome.


Victim blaming is a devaluing act that happens when you suppose that the victim of a crime is to blame (either partly or fully) for the crime. Some examples include:

Shes a prostitute. Was once she in realityshocked to get sexually assaulted?

She went to a mans areaoverdue at evening and they were drinking. What could she be expecting merely to get raped?

When you ask why the victim wasnt capable ofexpect or prevent the crime, youre implying that she (or he) deserved it, just a little. Youre pronouncing that if she (or he) had made smarter choices, she (or he) wouldn't be in this unlucky place today.

Psychologists call this the just global fallacy – the false trustthat folks become what they deserve. Now believe if we implementedthis type of judgment to other forms of victims.

Maybe he shouldnt have been overtly gay. If he had pretended to be heterosexual, he wouldnt have been the objective of a hate crime. Gay individualsmust know that they want to be additional careful.

Maybe she shouldnt have long past clubbing late at night. Sketchy things take placeat all times in clubs. If she had stayed at home, she wouldnt have got shot.

For most people, this line of reasoning doesnt remotely cling up. We realize that neither of these of us behaved in some way that justified the crimes that took place to them. We know that the only realconsumer whose movementsmust bepuzzled are the ones of the attacker. And so it goes for sexual assault.

Victim blaming sends a dangerous message that distorts the real nature of sexual assault. The fact is, sexual attack can happen anytime, anywhere, to anyone, and if one day it occurs to you, it'll never be your fault. When you blame a victim for a crime that befell to him or her, you create an environment in which other sufferers feel reluctant to come ahead and report their abuse.

We will hence no longer allow comments that blame victims – even possible victims. Nor will we allow comments that excuse or trivialize assault of any kind (e.g., men will be men, The assault jogs my memory of my favorite K-dramas!, etc.).