Taemin Releases Jacket Pictures & Main points For Eastern Solo Album

Taemin Releases Jacket PhotographsMain points For Eastern Solo Album Jun 23, 2016 01:03

Taemin is the primary SHINee member to have his solo debut in Japan and following this news, jacket photography and important points for his album "Sayonara Hitori (Solitary Goodbye) are released.

His first mini album can be released on July 27 and encompasses ageneralof five songs with namemusic "Sayonara Hitori". The album comes in two versions: First Limited Edition (CD DVD) and Customary Edition (CD only). The limited edition comprises the title track's music video and making clips.

The tracks are as follow:

1. Sayonara Hitori (title track)

2. Press Your Number (Japanese version)

5. I User I Enjoyed The Most

Meanwhile, take a glance at the teaser below:

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