Park Yoo-chun's fanatics in China sign  team actions:

Park Yoo-chun's fanatics in China sign team actions: "We will give coverage to Park Yoo-chun"

It turns out that singer actor Park Yoo-chun's Chinese enthusiastsbegan taking staff actions.

After the within track reported Park Yoo-chun was once sued for sexual attack on June 13th, his fandom in Korea in addition in Asia becameutterly shocked. His fans in China, where he receivedthe maximumreputation for his roles in 'Sungkyunkwan Scandal' and 'The Rooftop Prince', were no different.

After the comparable news was reported in China, maximum of his Chinese fans printed their mistrustagainst Korean media in accordance with their trust "The fees have no longer been shown yet". Especially after the primary complaint withdrew the accusation pronouncing "There was no force", such style among his Chinese fans have become even stronger.

Later, his Chinese fans started supporting the use of hashtags, 'Park Yoo-chun, we're going togive coverage to you', 'Park Yoo-chun, we may beready to exist waiting till you return' throughout the Chinese social network service, Wiebo and also opened an account with the title, 'Action to beef up Park Yoo-chun'.

They also established a network assigned to every local house and are selling their supporting activities lively. Over 20 messenger channels were open on Weibo to hide the spacesadding Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Fujian and other regions. Via the open messenger channels, Park Yoo-chun's fans are sharing the positioning of meeting, time, reason and the oppositemain pointsin their activities.

Most of the local teams are making plans to advertise 'Taking community photo to support'. Ahead of this, a small organization of fans in Chongqing collected to hang a placard and revealed a set photo to aid Park Yoo-chun. To respond, fans in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other regions besides started posting the major points of their meet-ups.

Park Yoo-chun's Chinese fans maintains their stance as "Until the investigation completes, fans will stay stand by Park Yoo-chun" and continues their support employing the hashtag, 'Park Yoo-chun, we shallshield you".

The truth that Park Yoo-chun was accused for sexual assault was reported on June 13th. Even thoughthe 1st complainant withdrew her accusation based totally on 'no force', 3further complainants reported identical attacksituations afterwards.

Park Yoo-chun filed a written accusation letter opposed to the first complainant for blackmail and false accusation. His firm also has announced that he's going to retire from entertainment industry if he would be proven guilty. The police in feeshaped an investigation team of 12 participants and is investigating the case essentiallyvia the moveexamat the complainant and the those who were at the scene.