2AM Jinwoon Cracks Up By skill of Claiming To Be An EXO & Two times Member

2AM Jinwoon Cracks Up Via Claiming To Be An EXO Two times Member Jun 22, 2016 10:19

Sense of humor? Jeong Jinwoon has various this!

Now active as a solo singer, Jeong Jinwoon currently cracked fanatics up on Twitter with his jokes. Jinwoon now notmost effective replies some fans on Twitter yet also plays comic story amongst them.

A fan stocks on Twitter how his/her momdoes not know any EXO participantsexcept for Jeong Jinwoon which Jinwoon especially replies with "Assa! I haveturn out to be EXO kk". Moreover, every other user writes how Jeong Jinwoo becomes related every bit member of 2PM, 2AM and 2NE1 and Jinwoo wittily adds, "Twice" and adds "Sha sha sha".

Later on, some other user turns out to had beenin realitypuzzled and asks "But.. which team Jeong Jinwoon is in? I only see his name..oh..B1A4?" In regard to this, Jinwoon in any case explains,

"I pop out as solo from 2AM and turned into Twice and then just recently a mother ordered me to grow to be EXO (referring to his previous tweets)". Jinwoo so funny!

Meanwhile, Jinwoo is currently selling as solo artist beneath the call Jeong Jinwoon with his first maxi unmarried "Will" after leaving JYP and moving to Mystic Entertainment.

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