Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 2

Drama Review 'Doctors' Episode 2

As the primary episode showed us who Hye-jeong was once every bit a person, the 2nd one episode offersan impressivetrace of who she may be, and what Hye-jeong is able to given a authentic crisis situation. All of thescientific emergency is disturbing and Hye-jeong, unrattled as she is thank you to her trickylady demeanor, briefly proves a worthy nurse to Ji-hong's medical administration. Ah, yet the identify of this drama isn't "Nurses". but"Doctors", so Hye-jeong wishes to get to paintings studying.

WhilePark Shin-hyehas built maximum of her occupation as an actress by way of being adorable and smiley, it is only in"Doctors"that she's ready to make those expressions feel in reality substantial. Because we have nowobserved Hye-jeong's in most cases bad attitude, the growth when she starts to pursue a real dream is that a lot more marked and impressive. Hye-jeong seems like she has a truereason in lifestyles to combat for now, and that makes the whole difference.

Seo-woo (played byLee Seong-kyeong) also makes a sturdy appearance as the woman alongsidean exact birthright for medication who finally ends upassisting Hye-jeong. In conjunction with their bridge character, the clumsy Soon-hee (played byMoon Ji-in), the 3ladies demonstrate how friendship and not unusualaim are all crucialparts to success. The eventual rift that grows between Hye-jeong and Seo-woo is all the harsher exactly because it issimpleto look how teenage ladies can fracture below pressure.

Advertisement The keyhassle this episode is Ji-hong. Yes, he is terribly cool and high-quality in the crisis scene. But the style Hye-jong ascribes his functionality as being her motivation to do largerturns out unfair. Ji-hong has little screen presence after the medical emergency and actually explicitly rebuffs a chance to be Hye-jeong's learn about mentor. In an episode that presentations off the strength of girl power, an undeveloped teacher/student romance just feels inappropriate.

And let's be honest. The courting is inappropriate, a minimum of as presented here. Ji-hong is a primefaculty teacher. Or not it's his taskto make certain there is just not even a hint of impropriety. Seo-woo is good to feel insulted that Ji-hong would rebuff her while being overtly flirty with Hye-jeong, and her eventual reaction to that scenario is comprehensiblealthoughit's far wrong. Thankfully this wrinkle will disappear once the high school segment of"Doctors"is over, so all that isactually left to listen on is the explicitly loopy cliffhanger. Which I do not even brain that much because so far,"Doctors"has been just rightample to deserve it.