Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife Change Texts About Affair

Kim Min Hee’s Mom And Hong Sang Soo’s Wife Change Texts About Affair

Kim Min Hees Mom And Hong Sang Soos Wife Replace Texts About Affairkokoberry June 21, 2016 0 Kim Min Hees Mother And Hong Sang Soos Wife Exchange Texts About Affair On June 22, Girl Sense published new datarelating to Kim Min Hee and director Hong Sang Soos affair.

The per 30 daysmag held an interview with Hong Sang Soos wife and revealed text messages between her and Kim Min Hees mother.

The text messages were sent on September 30 after Hong Sang Soo left his wife and daughter. Underneath are the text messages:

Hong Sang Soos wife: Please lend a hand your daughter keep watch over her feelings. I'm so distressed.

Kim Min Hees mother: Whose middle hurts more, a wife whose husband cheated or a mom whose daughter who has fallen in love with a married man?

Hong Sang Soos wife: You appearnot torealizethe emotions of a lady whose husband were given stolen from her. Ask who will have a tougher time to any individualon the topic of you.

Kim Min Hees mother: My heart is crying appropriate now.

Hong Sang Soos wife: Your daughter is an adulteress who ruined a satisfied family.

Kim Min Hees mother: I raised my daughter well. Do now notdiscuss recklessly.

Hong Sang Soos wife: I dont think here's a state of affairs where you'll tell me how smartly you raised your daughter.

Kim Min Hees mother: You also are a mother who is raising a daughter.

Hong Sang Soos wife: This is a condition where apologizing to me one hundred times for raising your daughter poorly and creating acircle of relativesenjoy this pain isn't enough.

Kim Min Hees mother: The director will go back once he realizes something.

Furthermore, Hong Sang Soos wife revealed that the director stopped offering for his daughters university fees. She said, My husband director Hong Sang Soo acknowledged he may no longer reinforce paying for the find out aboutin a foreign countrycosts for our daughter after assembly Kim Min Hee.

She continued, He said that because themovie industry learned of his dating alongside Kim Min Hee she used to beno longer receiving any gives for advertisements and films. So he said thats why he had to aid Kim Min Hees economic losses.

Meanwhile, Kim Min Hee and Hong Sang Soo haven't begunto expose their authentic stance in regards to the news in their reported affair.

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