Park Yoochun And primary Accuser Either  Divulge Recordings Referring to Settlement

Park Yoochun And primary Accuser Either Divulge Recordings Referring to Settlement

Park Yoochun And primary Accuser EitherDivulge Recordings Referring toAgreement jun2yng June 21, 2016 0 Park Yoochun And First Accuser Both Reveal Recordings Regarding Settlement Following the submission of Park Yoochun’s counter suit opposed tothe primary accuser in the sexual attack event — in which he claims that the woman, referred to here as Ms. Lee, approached his firm and demanded a settlement sooner than filing a police complaint — the existingcenter of attention of the case has transform the settlement and the interplay between the lady and her boyfriend and C-JeS: who, in fact, approached whom about the settlement, and was once information technology ever paid?

Both facets own come ahead amongst recordings.

Park Yoochun’s facet claims that Ms. Lee first approached the agency not easy 1 billion won (approximately $864,000). In keeping with Channel A on June 21, CEO Baek Chang Ju of C-JeS submitted a recording of Ms. Lee’s boyfriend to the police as evidence. Reports state that the recording is of the boyfriend pronouncing that Ms. Lee can now notreside in Korea as a result of rumors of what happened, and asking the agency to assist her go to China.

In a telephone vociferation with Channel A, the boyfriend responded, “I just put my girlfriend and Park Yoochun’s agency involved every bit a choose for an acquaintance. I didn’t lie about what happened. I wasn’t thinking about the lawsuit that my girlfriend filed, nor the withdrawal of it five days later.”

Ms. Lee also has a recording supporting her claims that C-JeS turned intothe only to first be offering a settlement, which was printedvia media. The recording is of a phone call that took positionstraight away after the sexual assault incident.

The C-JeS agency rep in the recording says, “We’ve conceptso much close to what we will do appease you…,” and Ms. Lee claims that the agency then presented to make a settlement.

In the recording: “I think it’s appropriate for C-JeS to respond to the price that you give us.”

According to an acquaintance of Ms. Lee, who gave a observation on SBS 8 O’Clock News, C-JeS acknowledged that they sought after to make a settlement, and asked Ms. Lee to wait one day, often request her to call a price. However, Ms. Lee claims that she did not obtain any settlement from C-JeS, and that if she had, there would be a written checklist of it.

C-JeS has mentioned in reactionthat they are going toeasily reveal the realityvia police investigation, and should not take any separate action by the use of media.

Police have donewondering Ms. Lee’s boyfriend and the C-JeS CEO, and can be tracking account transactions to resolve if cash was ever moved for the settlement. Questioning has also wrapped up for the 4girls who got here forward with sexual assault complaints.

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