Watch: Countless Surprises With “Bad” Dance Practice

Watch: Countless Surprises With “Bad” Dance Practice

Watch: Endless Surprises With Bad Dance Train kminjungee June 21, 2016 0 Watch: INFINITE Surprises With Bad Dance Practice Its never too past due for a new dance practice video!

Almost a year because theunlockin theirremainingidentify track, Bad, INFINITE releases a dance practice video of the preferred song.

The undeniable video showcases the tough choreography, and the individualsblank dance moves. INFINITE proves that time does now not diminish their teamwork.

Meanwhile, the members wererunning hard the beyond year with their particular person promotions as well, corresponding to Woohyun with his solo debut and upcoming movie, Sunggyu and his role in the musical All Shook Up, L being solidin different dramas, and Hoya with the release of his movie, Hiya.

The staff also lately celebrated their 6th anniversary together, with a uniquereside broadcast only for fans, where they promised to cross back soon with a new album.

Watch the dance practice for Bad below!

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