Big Bang Taeyang's Macho-Fanboy Is Garnering Attention

Big Bang Taeyang's Macho-Fanboy Is Garnering Attention Jun 21, 2016 10:16

Wow! Taeyang turns outno longerbestenthrallingladiesyet also a macho-male fan who calls him "Oppa!"

An world fanboy is proud ampleto turn to every person his admiration to Taeyang or evenfinds his newly inked-tattoo which read as "Taeyang Oppa" and captions it, "For my oppa ❤️ At all times and For all time ☀️". However, he clarifies later on, "Dear world, I'msmartlymindful Oppa is purelyacknowledgedby capability of girls. Do not take yourself so seriously. Art is expression. It is merely that simple."

He appearstruly passionate! Taeyang you win! Take a glance at his other tweets below:

For my oppa ❤️ Continually and Forever ☀️ — Charles (@CharlesLoveYB) February 17, 2016

Apologies to these I unfollowed. I would like my Twitter feed to just be Taeyang. Thank you!! ❤️ — Charles (@CharlesLoveYB) April 23, 2016

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