6 Things Other people Do In “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim” That might Be Frowned Upon In Genuine Life

6 Things Other people Do In “Dear Fair Woman Kong Shim” That might Be Frowned Upon In Genuine Life

6 Things Other folks Do In Pricey Fair Girl Kong Shim That might exist Frowned Upon In GenuineExistence mayme22 June 21, 2016 0 6 Things Folks Do In Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim That Would Be Frowned Upon In Real Life Dramaland. We all, someday or another, have sought after to reside in it. Satisfied endings for the underdogs and getting swept off your feet by way of swoony leads — yes please! Yet alas, Dramaland isnt as easiest equally IT seems, with its surprisingly high casualty count, evil mothers-in-law, and birth secrets around every corner. Whilstthe ones are excessive cases, Dramaland humans in overall also have a tendency to have quirky tendencies. Here are five things people do in Dramaland that would almost certainlyno longer be socially approved in real life (as told by Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim).


1. Gambling hide-and-seek in rubbishaneare conscious about it sounds like so much fun, but I promise you it isnt

2. Drunkenly mistaking other peoples houses as yoursAnd taking all of the blankets

But without the cuddle the 2nd one time around

3. Making your crushs face out of a rice rollScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.28.48 PMScreen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.29.02 PM

4. Forged kabedonKabedon (or wall-slamming) on its own is already awkward (and, ok, a little teensy bit swoony, but most commonly awkward). Throw in a cast, and smartly

To Dan Taes credit, I believe he pulls it off type of.

5. Keeping and sticking a used (!) band relief on a reflect

How may just this be so cute but so unhygienic at?

6. The use ofa motorcycle bell to transparent your trailMinus the bike.

The moment I discovered that Kong Shim was once my spirit animal. 

While there are one of these lot of more quirky and funny moments that won't fly in the genuine world, this is, after all, Dramaland. Once in a whilegoverned by K-Drama Good judgment (but no longerrelatively in the manner you expect), other times by a spunky heroine and her two sweetie pie male leads, the sector of Dear Fair Lady Kong Shim is somewhere I wouldnt brain living!

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