Fans suspicious of govt media regulate with unlock of adultery scandal

Fans suspicious of govt media regulate with unlock of adultery scandal

Share on FacebookShare on TwitterKorean media recently released news of Kim Min Hees romantic dating with seriously acclaimed film director Hong Sang Soo, a married guy and father.  

The two had formerly worked in combination on Hong Sang Soos 2015 film Right Now, Wrong Then in which the actress played the lead role. According to netizens, however, insider rumors of the relationship started spreading past dueremaining year, yetused to be left untouched by way of the media. The director even allegedly told his wife about the relationship in September, and has left his wife and daughter for the actress.

Furthermore, it changed intopublished that either the Kim Min Hees parents and her firm knew about the relationship and had persuaded her to finish it to no avail. The actress reportedly stopped receiving relief from her agency altogether, and has since hired her own manager and team of workers to paintings as a unfastened agent.

But whilstthe within track was relatively shocking, netizens were incredibly suspicious of the timing of the news release. As neatly as the Lotte Embezzlement Scandal, Korean netizens also pointed out several executive corruption scandals corresponding to the Sewol Ferry Recovery controversies which are being covered up by entertainment news headlines.

With Kim Min Hee having had a slew of superstar ex-boyfriends adding actors Jo In Sung and Lee Soo Hyuk, the tale of her scandalous relationship will undoubtedly draw readers in. Because the attractive scandal in spite of everything being on reported on by media retailers at such a fascinating time, many are crying foul at the governments alleged try at media control.

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