Watch BTS Talk A  English and Win a Unfastened  Go back and forth to Korea with TalkTalk Korea 2016

Watch BTS Talk A English and Win a Unfastened Go back and forth to Korea with TalkTalk Korea 2016

Watch BTS Talk AEnglish and Win a UnfastenedShuttle to Korea with TalkTalk Korea 2016harmonicar June 13, 2016 0 Watch BTS Speak AEnglish and Win a Free Ride to Korea with TalkTalk Korea 2016 Good day Soompiers! Are you able for the yearly TalkTalk Korea contest? The contest, arrangedby way of the Korean Culture and DataServices and products (KOCIS), is back back this year and this year it’s even more exciting because BTS is concerned (not gonna lie, when we discovered out one of the crucial Soompi body of workers freaked out — well, one user in particular)!

What is TalkTalk Korea you ask? Introduced in 2013, it’s an international contest organized by KBS World and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The contest is an exhilaratingmatchthat allows you lot toproportion your concepts and mind about Korea, and win cool prizes along the style — and the prizes are lovely bomb.

Six Grand Prize Winners gets the opportunity to head on an all-expense 4day out to Korea. Bundled into the trip are tickets to KBS’s Tune Bank — that willcome up with the opportunity to lookall of yourfavourite idols up close and personal. As smartly as that, the trip will come with a Seoul Town Tour and other exciting opportunities to explore Korea.

Even when you don’t get selected for the Grand Prize, there are still a lot of prizes to be won. TalkTalk Korea can also begifting away 100 Runner-Up Prizes, which variety from laptops, virtual cameras, pocket photo printers, and signed CDs by the only and handiest BTS (ARMY, assemble!).

Interested in entering? Its easy! All you'll need make is put up either a photograph, comedian strip, video, postcard, calligraphy, or hanbok design that answers the query “What comes to brainwhilst youconsider Korea and what do you needto informthe arena about Korea?”

Be creative! There are lots of categories so pass wild! You’re allowed to submit entries in more than one category, or evena couple of entries are allowed in the similar category (but don’t submit an identicalother thing than once please!).

What are you waiting for?? Get available in the market and tell each person how much you adore Korea, and win a free trip in the process! Take a glance at the contest page for TalkTalk Korea 2016 here.

Applications are taken till July 26, 2016, and winners may be announced on August 31.

Make certain you also investigate cross-check the video for this year’s contest featuring BTS below. Not just is it great cute, yet bonus issues because BTS speaks English.

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