'Familyhood' director talks about Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin:

'Familyhood' director talks about Search engine marketing Hyeon-jin: "An actress with accumulated abilities and knowledge, amazing acting ability"

Movie "Familyhood" director Kim Tae-gon gave an unreserved compliment at the actress Seo Hyeon-jin, who is operating amongst him currently.

On June 20, director Kim Tae-gon met OSEN reporter in a caf in Samcheong-dong, Seoul and printed his mind approximately Seo Hyeon-jin. He said, "Whenever I saw Seo Hyeon-jin, I assumed she is an actress with talents and knowledge".

He also mentioned casting Seo Hyeon-jin for his movie, "When she was once filming with us, it becamesooner than she did "Oh Hae-Young Again". When I heard she was going to do a drama, I stated 'hope it'll turn out well' and it if fact exist toldbecame out to be daebak". The director smiled happily.

He persevered on, "When we had a assembly with Seo Hyeon-jin, what I used to be wondering was if an actress who used to play a leading role in a romance drama would play a role as a mother with two children. It would not be a very easyresolutionyet she permitted the be offering without hesitation. When we were settling onthe thought that for her costumes, we readylovely clothes. But she chose the humble garments and said precisemothers wear those clothes. We were slightly surprised".

The director also said, "When she was gambling mom, there isnot anythingbizarre or awkward about her acting. I thought she was an actress with a in realitywide selection of acting" and "Also, when anything becomes otherwise even a bitright through script reading, actors generally get confused. But Seo Hyeon-jin may justalternate her voice tone acting instantly. It was a excellent surprise. It is onlyconceivable for actors who are prepared. I thought she has accumulated qualificationsand data equally an actress. Kim Hye-soo also complimented Seo Hyeon-jin so much on the filming set".