Netizens compare CL’s sexual Instagram posts to Sulli’s

Netizens compare CL’s sexual Instagram posts to Sulli’s

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Fanatics online has been drawn into a discussion referring to a celebritys symbol and how that picture can draw in varying reactions from the public. 

On online network board Instiz, a netizen pointed out that whilst former f(x) member Sulli has been getting warmth for her risqué social media footage on Instagram and Weibo, any otherfeminine idol has been publishing equivalent content on her own Instagram: 2NE1s CL.

To end up their point, a handful of pictures uploaded in CLs Instagram were posted and ranged from CLs revealing outfits, to her sharing photos of herself in bikinis or even one photos in which she creates an phantasm of being bareviaretaining up a t-shirt to herself with her naked shoulder and legs revealed. However, CL does now not generate negative comments from her fans or netizens. At the other hand, Sulli has gainedbasically negative comments about her own posts.

Netizens have pointed out that this supplies an insight on how precisely their public image reflect on the reactions they are gaining from their SNS uploads with Sulli having debuted with a more blameless concept.

Source: Instiz (Photos from @chaelincl)

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