Verbal Jint Makes Surprising Confession Relating to  Inebriated  Using on Instagram

Verbal Jint Makes Surprising Confession Relating to Inebriated Using on Instagram

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter Some other scandal is shaking the Korean entertainment industry as some other artist has confessed to inebriatedriding to his fans on SNS.

On June 19th at 8:40pm KST, rapper and manufacturer Verbal Jint made a stunning confession to his lovers on Instagram and writes, Hello. I would love to say sorry every bitI'mturning in bad news. I would like to confess that I used to bestuck drunk driving 4 days ago with an alcohol blood point of 0.067% close to my house. My license is expected to be suspended for one hundred days.

I don't have any intentions of giving an excuse, and i'm in deep mirrored image about my irresponsibly movements and neglecting the reality that drunk drivers being doable offenders. I do no longeragree withhere's a scenario that shouldnt and cant be hidden, so I am writing this post which makes me feel ashamed. I express regret once back for appearing a disappointing facet of myself.

According to media reports, Verbal Jint was once caught drunk driving on June 16th at approximately 10pm KST in Mapo-gu, Seoul. At the time, he become recorded to have a blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.067%. Verbal Jint has confessed to the DUI and has approved to join in in the police investigation.

In South Korea, drunk driving is described as having a BAC of 0.05% and over. A BAC of 0.05% equals to approximately 3 shots of SOJU for an adult. A DUI can lead tothe subsequent punishment: Felony for not more than six months OR a fine of 3 million won ($2562 USD), in addition the driving force licenses revoked or suspended for a limited time.

Image capture from Verbal Jint's Instagram (@freevjfreevj) Image capture from Verbal Jints Instagram (@freevjfreevj)

Source: Sports Kyunghyang and K Law Guru

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