Drama News Brooding Bodyguards and Dear Fish

Drama News Brooding Bodyguards and Dear Fish

TvN's post-"The Just right Wife"time slot is on fire, as news about the conceivable dramas in it are stuffed withgiant names and concepts. Whether we getJi Chang-wookas an angsty hero orLee Min-kias a time traveler withSin Min-ah, this actual drama season can be exciting. Meanwhile, "The Legend of the Blue Sea" is bringing in serious cash from China. This week has been wealthy alongside new things, so here are some highlights.

The Go back ofJi Chang-wook

If confirmed, this might occasionally bemarvelous newsfor long-time fanatics of the gentleman and the ones withal suffering from"Healer"-fever. The drama, titled"K2"sounds like an action romance about a guydesertedby way of his country and it'll air on tvN, most likely after"The Sensible Wife". It's far written byJang Hyeok-rinof"Yong Pal"and announcingI'min my opinionnow notinspired would be an understatement, yetpossibly cable can use his talents more efficiently.

Tomorrow With a Reunion

Another drama, titled"Tomorrow With You"is up for the time slot of the aforementioned"K2"and it has had some appealing developments.Han Ji-min, who was once in talks to be the feminine leadis out, but actorsLee Min-kiandSin Min-ahmightbe in. Here's a reunion for the two, who starred in combination in 2009 film"A Million". The delusion romance genre regularly does neatlywhen it comes toreputation and"Tomorrow With You"will no doubt generate slightly the buzz, making an allowance for the creators and doablesolid involved.

It isn'tsudden that "The Legend of the Blue Sea" would be a Hallyu heavy-hitter.Park Ji-eun,Jin Hyeok,Jeon Ji-hyeonandLee Min-hoare massive names after all. The drama is already bringing in quite thehefty amountper episode in China. The tale also turns out to have changed. Instead of being according to "The Little Mermaid", the series is going more local with a Joseon tale about a Justice of the Peace who releases merfolk stuck by fishermen back into the ocean.

Upcoming Drama Goodies

"Doctors"firstreleased two posters andlatera highlights video, more posters and photos. Suspense drama"Wanted"bringsnew stills, itsmain postersas well as athird teaserwhile"Uncontrollably Fond"has newcharacter postersand afourth teaser. Thefirst stillsforHan Hyo-jooin"W"are out and so are somevideos. Beautiful much all and sundry is on a video rampage, with"The Perfect Wife"here, "Bring It On, Ghost"hereand"Beautiful Mind"here. At the casting side,Lim Do-yoonhas beencastin "Something About 1% - 2016" and tvN drama"Drinking Alone"starsHa Seok-jinandPark Ha-seon.

Things are about to get dicey in"Master - God of Noodles"and I as a sadistic observer am completelyplaying it. I have eventually caught up with"Beautiful Gong Shim"and up to I appreciateNamgoong Min, I expected a Shim-centric romance. I am still enjoying it greatly, however. I am about to start "38 IncomeSeries Unit" and I will be in a position to cover"Wanted"for episode reviews. You'll read mypreviewpiece today.