Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 12

Drama Review 'Mirror of the Witch' Episode 12

Predictably, Yeon-hee does no longerif fact exist told kill Gong-ju, even though doing so would as at all times solve an ideal many more issues than keeping her alive for ill-defined moral reasons. I consistentlyto find IT rather irritating when heroic characters act merciful simplestin terms ofthe large boss. Poong-yeon for sureshould have killed no less thana couple ofcontributors of Gongju's non-public guard remaining episode. I heard slashing sounds.

Speaking of slashing sounds, characters brandishing swords at neckpoint has develop intothis kind ofcommonplacematch in"Mirror of the Witch"I'm no longercertainit isreally a threat. The gesture simplyturns out to be a kind of greeting intended to ascertainthat just becausewe may beready to have a verbal exchangedoesn't suggestI truly like you. My point being that here'spreciselythe style of dramatic action that loses emphasis when overused. I mean really, on Heo-ok of all people?

But not all is worthy of mockery. The production team makes the rather smartresolution to the truth isdisplay Jun convalescing from his serious wound this time around, a procedurethis is slow, painful, and terrifying. And yet Jun's willingness to remain with the process, and continue to agree withand supply Yeon-hee with emotional give a spice up to for all his evident fear...well, it says so much about his character. Jun has no aware magical powers or battling skills, yet he is consistently Yeon-hee's maximumtreasuredbest friendfor the explanation thatguy is made up our mindsto stick in the loop with her.

It's a marked contrast to how incredibly bad each other personality is at communication. Even Hong-joo has her susceptible points- a flashback presentations how Hong-joo is in the awkward role of trusting Hyeon-seo's sincerity whilst doubting that he has any fashionable sense. Probably the mostgreaterparts in"Mirror of the Witch"is that it has consistently shown how Hyeon-seo and Hong-joo can either be wrong in utterlyother ways.

Enough of the very importantknowledgein regards to the plot of"Mirror of the Witch"has been published at this point that there ishappilymuch less to nitpick, which makes the drama less annoying to watch.Doheeeven controlled to get me to crack a grinright through her scenes, where she tries to solve a majority of these spirit realm problems in her own way. While strictly speakingDohee's character is more or less pointless, she's representative of numerous the charm"Mirror of the Witch"has in its best possible moments, which can be less about the tale and more to do with character interplay.