Mnet’s “BOYS24” Selections  Best 7 Contestants In First Episode

Mnet’s “BOYS24” Selections Best 7 Contestants In First Episode

Mnets BOYS24 SelectionsMost sensible seven Contestants In First Episodejun2yng June 18, 2016 0 Mnets BOYS24 Picks Top 7 Contestants In First Episode Mnet’s “BOYS24” put its first foot ahead on June 18, with an intense first episode where the 49 contestants were evaluated individually.

In addition to giving audience a flavor of the talents of the contestants, who showed quite so much of performances starting fromadorable to professional, the judges set the tone for their evaluations. Whilst Shinhwa’s Lee Min Woo and Shin Hye Sung were in massive part encouraging against the contestants, Vasco was once blunt and didn’t grasp back in his evaluations.

Already, the primary episode has put numbers in front of the men names; the pass judgement onreviewsdecidedthe head seven contestants, who were awarded immunity and given the positions of unit leaders. Note that being in the head seven does no longer mean those contestants wereshowed every bitprobably the mostultimate 24.

The top seven are as follows:

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