Teen Top’s L.Joe Stocks His Mind On “Entertainer” Forged And Characters

Teen Top’s L.Joe Stocks His Mind On “Entertainer” Forged And Characters

Teen Tops L.Joe Stocks His Mind On Entertainer Solid And Charactersnotclaira June 18, 2016 0 Teen Tops L.Joe Shares His Thoughts On Entertainer Cast And Characters Teenager Top’s L.Joe, who played the drummer and Seoul National University student Search engine marketing Jae Hoon on SBS’s “Entertainer,” lately reflected at the drama in an interview.

“I search myself so muchto look people’s reactions,” he said. “Not numerousother people knew me as Teen Top’s L.Joe. They saw me as just an actor and I used to behappy that I may just make that transition easily.”

He shared that the courting between the actors on set was once a just right one. “I’m not in point of factthe sortto position myself forward,” he said. “But after spending time with the alternative actors and diningfoods amongst them, we grew close. I became especially close with Lee Tae Sun, who is an identical age as me.”

He added, “Ji Sung sunbaenim taught me a lot. He would rehearse with me when we had scenes together. He’s anyone yous can’t lend a hand but respect.”

L.Joe’s character, Seo Jae Hoon, has to shed his “mama’s boy” symbol in the drama to prevail in his dreams. “He’s not a regular character,” L.Joe said. “He grew up in his mother’s fingers and he’s very naive. He doesn’t know anything. I sought afterto turn his expansion and adulthoodright through the show.”

Did he relate to the character? “Of pathI admire my mother a lot, but Jae Hoon’s love for his mom is on a unconditionallyother scale. My mom watches each and every episode of ‘Entertainer’ and rewatches them too.”

Finally, he concluded, “‘Entertainer’ represents a new beginning. I would like to continue acting in the future, but I believe acting gets tougher the more you do it. I'm hopingto take a glance at out all alternative genres in the future.”

You can watch the maximum recent episode of “Entertainer” below:

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