Wu Yi Fan Prepares To Sue Alleged Lover Who Leaked Scandalous In-Bed Photos

Wu Yi Fan Prepares To Sue Alleged Lover Who Leaked Scandalous In-Bed Photos

Share on FacebookShare on Twitter A couple of days after a fan claimed to have leaked pictures of Kris (Wu Yi Fan) in bed, a commentary from his firm has been released to dispel the rumours. 

On June 17th, an reputable statement from Wu Fi Yan’s aspectprintedthat they're going to exist strongly responding to the alleged leaked photos and might seek crook prosecution for the netizen responsible.

Wu Yi Fan’s aspect claims that the photos released online where deceptive and where edited to govern online reaction. Therefore, because of the misleading and slanderous behaviour, it used to bedetermined that it infringed the rights of the artist and may be filing for criminal responsibility.

A few days ago, a talk log changed into released online viasomebody claiming to be Wu Yi Fan’s girlfriend. Even supposing the allegation was right away denied by the artist, the acknowledged netizen endured to liberate more photos with the caption, “A memory, that’s all,” leaving lovers to doubt the legitimacy of the photo.

The photo in query allegedly display Wu Yi Fan asleep in bed with the girl, with her arm even visual in one of the vital photos.

Wu Yi Fan first of all denied by the allegation, yet his agency made no follow-up statements about the incident. In spite of the rampant speculations, however, some fans can notlend a hand but disapprove of the debate basing the legitimacy in the process the scar on his head.

http://www.dispatch.co.kr/535408 Image: Wu Yi Fans criminal side (Dispatch)

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