"Doctors" or "Beautiful Mind" Mellow or mystery

KBS 2TV "Beautiful Mind" and SBS "Doctors" are being released at the 20th. They are eitherscientific dramas and according to neurosurgery. Jang Hyeok and Park So-dam big name in "Beautiful Mind" and Kim Rae-won and Park Shin-hye in "Doctors".

Two equivalent dramas are competing with every other and may they put lifestyles into Mondays and Tuesdays?

Both are medical dramas and they take position in hospitals. Even the neurosurgical scenes viewed via microscopes are alike. The actors of those dramas were getting pointers from medical professionals to get used to the pro terms and they have had thorough script readings. However, even inside ofthe similar field, they've gotother genres. "Doctors" is most commonly mellow whilst "Beautiful Mind" is usually mystery and investigative. It has more medical professionalism too.

The mind of the administrators are alternative too. Director Oh Choong-hwan from "Doctors" says, "Here we will see how an individualadjustments when she or he is sick" and director Mo Wan-il from "Beautiful Mind" says, "No one thinks of what a kind ofa man a physicianwould possibly be, yet this drama gets you desirous about it".

- Park Shin-hye VS Park So-dam

Both dramas have tossed Park Shin-hye and Park So-dam as their winning moves. The young actresses with talentstry at anythingthe various this time. Park Shin-hye turns wilder this time. She then matures as the episode is going on. Park So-dam is more down-to-earth and realistic this time.

Oh Choong-hwan said, "Park Shin-hye is the primary actress I worked tougher for to make her be more successful". Mo Wan-il said, "I can notbring to mindsomeone else who is so best possible for this role. It used to benot easy to think of anybody else and I used to be going to wait until the very day sooner than broadcasting for her".

Both directors say the dramas are burgeoning as Park Shin-hye meets Kim Rae-won and Jang Hyeok improves as a user himself.