YG Finds the 3rd Member in their New Lady Group!

YG Finds the 3rd Member in their New Lady Group!

YG Entertainmenthas been keeping us in realitypuffed up for the debut in their new woman group. They haveprior to now released teasersfor the primary two contributors of the group,JennieandLisa, which have been already widely knownby skill of the YG stans.

The 3rd member isJisooand her pictures are incredibly stunning.See for yourself below!

Jisoowas born in 1995 and loads offanatics think that she looks a bit of like2NE1'sSandara Park,hinting that she might be the visual of the group.It is expounded that she has an outstandingtalent in dancing, singing, and acting. She has acted in track videos includingEPIK HIGH's'SPOILER HAPPEN ENDING' andHISUHYUN's 'I'm Different.'She was once alsoinKBS 2TV's 'Producers'as a cameo actress and changed into a type for several brands.

What doyou call to mind the 0.33 member ofYG's new girl group? Which published member is your favourite so far? What are your expectancies about the group? Let us know!

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