Park Shin-hye:

Park Shin-hye: "I wish to play a real-person persona thru 'Doctors'"

Park Shin-hye decoratedthe canopy page of Elle July issue. Her pictorial may be published also at thequilt page and insidde of Elle China August issue.

The pictorial shoot happened in a Korean classicarea (hanok) in Yangpyeong. Park Shin-hye finished the captivatingpictureswhilst she pulled off the more than a fewcoiffure from the long hair draped down to her knees and the brink updo hairstyle.

During the next interview, Park Shin-hye mentioned her upcoming drama scheduled to get started out on June 20. She said, "While I've beengambling bright and full of life characters so far, I sought after to play a real-person persona this time. I aminquisitive aboutlearning how a lady who is status on a borderline between a physician and a herbaluser in a health centermay also be portrayed".