Younha Responds To Haters And Closes Twitter Account

Younha Responds To Haters And Closes Twitter Account

Younha Responds To Haters And Closes Twitter Accountnotclaira June 16, 2016 0 Younha Responds To Haters And Closes Twitter Account Singer Younha lately uploaded an admonishment to her haters earlier thanultimate down her Twitter account.

On June 16, she tweeted, “I’m going to mention one very last thing and finish it. I can’t do the rest roughlythe ones oneprecious who grew to become on me, yet don’t think lightly of the sentiments that I’ve poured out for you. What about my personality? My intellectual state? Once you met me, you wouldn’t be in a positionto assert a unmarried thing. Delete the “former” Younha category and just disappear.”

Shortly after, she deleted her Twitter account with a lastgood-bye message.

Younha also left a message for her fanaticsthru her non-public Instagram, which is still open.

A photo posted by way of YOUNHA Legitimate Instagram (@younha_holic) on Jun 15, 2016 at 4:25pm PDT

“It’s no longer about whose scars are bigger,” she wrote. “Even if we want tomove separate ways, let’s leave with gorgeous memories. I know that the displaymay just end at any moment, adding my own stage. Let’s leave with just right memories because our love used to be sincere. Let’s walk step by step, hand in hand, into the future.”

Recently a netizen claiming to be Younha’s former fan had uploaded comments insulting Younha and her fanbase, calling them the complete lot from “crazy people” to “glasses-wearing nerds.” A blog had also gave the impression amongsta classcategorized “former Younha” that bashed her new song “Get It?” and criticized the singer’s personality.

Younha’s firmmentioned to a Korean media outlet, “Younha chose to delete her account after anti-fans kept attacking her for my part on social media. As her agency, we are tracking her social media account and we can be able tomake a decision on a reaction soon.”

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