Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Joon Sang Kiss in ‘My Husband Got A Family’

The married couple Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Joon Sang in the KBS drama "My Husband Got A Family" (written by Park Ji Eun, directed by Kim Hyung Seok, and produced by Logos Film) presented a romantic kiss scene under a streetlight, which drew attention

The married couple Kim Nam and in the “My Husband Got A Family” (written by Park Ji Eun, directed by Kim Hyung Seok, and produced by Logos Film) presented a romantic kiss scene under a streetlight, which drew attention. and Yoo Joon Sang will make a transformation in the new by playing a passionate and capable career woman named Cha Yoon Hee and a surgeon in a general hospital named Bang Gui Nam, respectively. Kim and Yoo will play newly married couple and present sweet and romantic scenes in a friendly atmosphere. In particular, Yoo Joon Sang’s romantic acting to present his affection towards Kim Nam Joo appears very realistic. And as time goes by, the two actors are becoming closer and successfully presenting natural romantic acting.

Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Joon Sang Kiss in 'My Husband Got A Family'

Kim and Yoo go out very late at night and spend a sweet moment in a street restaurant while having a date, and the perfect husband is making food for his wife who holds her husband from behind, which looks like a typical newly married couple. Their kiss scene under the streetlight was reportedly filmed in a friendly atmosphere thanks to the two actor’s excellent harmony while acting.

The kiss scene was filmed at a backstreet of a residential area in Seoul on February 18. Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Joon Sang took a walk around the neighborhood and went back home together. Their appearance seems to be that of friendly married couple. Despite the cold weather and below zero temperatures, the two actors presented natural acting. They kissed on an ordinary backstreet, but their kiss scene looked more romantic than any other kiss scene. In particular, the two actors looked into each other’s eyes and kissed while leaning on a lamp post. Actress Yoon Yeo Jeong, who plays Um Cheong Ae in the drama as a landlord, witnessed their kiss on the street and ran away in surprise, which drew a laugh. Um Cheong Ae (Yoon Yeo Jeong) and Bang Gui Nam (Yoo Joon Sang) meet as a landlord and a tenant, but actually they are a mother and son who were separated 30 years ago. Their fateful relationship will be unveiled soon and Um Cheong Ae and Cha Yoon Hee (Kim Nam Joo) will have a war of nerves, which will become one of the exciting and funny elements of the drama.

Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Joon Sang Kiss in 'My Husband Got A Family'

A production staff member said, “Kim Nam Joo and Yoo Joon Sang are presenting natural acting as if they were a real couple, and their perfect acting is creating an exciting atmosphere on the film set. As actors and staff members are filming this drama with excellent harmony, we are anticipating presenting a good drama to viewers.”

In addition, “My Husband Got A Family” is a story of career woman Cha Yoon Hee, who has wanted to marry an orphan to avoid conflict with the husband’s family members and finally married perfect surgeon Bang Gui Nam (Yoo Joon Sang), and she will have unexpected episodes with the her husband’s new family members.

Writer Park Ji Eun, who wrote the dramas “Butcher Oh Soo Jeong,” “My Wife Is A Superwoman,” and “Queen of Reversals,” and director Kim Hyung Seok, who produced the drama special “Stone” and “Youngdeok Women’ Ssireum Team” and the drama “Matchmaker’s Lover,” will produce the drama together. “My Husband Got A Family” aired its first episode on February 25 at 7:55pm.

Writer: KBS Media Park Jae Hwan
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