Pop Singer IVY To Return In 2012 After Hiatus

Posted: January 26, 2012 3:46 PM EST ivy, kpop, comeback, return

Pop Singer IVY To Return In 2012 After Hiatus

Ivy. Does it ring a bell? Its okay if it doesn't. Heres a little reminder.

Speculation is that Ivy will be making a comeback within the first half of 2012. A source close to Ivy told local media, Ivy is carefully preparing her new album for now. Her goal is to return in the first half of this year.

It seems Ivy is ready for a comeback after a two and a half year hiatus from the music scene. Her last album was released October 2009. After releasing her last album, Ivy disappeared off of everyones radar. Who can blame her though?

She was in a major legal dispute with her former agency, Storm ENF. The lawsuit may push back the release of the album she is currently on. Shes working on her new album, but the release could get delayed because of the lawsuit, the source stated.

Lawsuits werent the only things stressing Ivy out over the past couple of years. There were numerous controversies involving plagiarism allegations and an alleged sex tape scandal. Ivy made her first debut back in 2005. Since then she has only released three albums.

Hopefully a little rr is what will help launch her career back to the spotlight.