Girls’ Generation’s Yuri rips Taeyeon’s shirt off

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri rips Taeyeon’s shirt off

Girls Generations Yuri rips Taeyeons shirt off

A video titled A Surprised Yuri after Trying to Fix Taeyeons Stage Outfit has recently been posted on an online community board.

The video captures Taeyeon and Yuri at a Girls Generation concert wearing white tops with fringes around the shoulder area. Taeyeon is shown dancing and showing off her cute image, and due to the choreography the fringe of her sleeve had crept up her shoulder.

Yuri, who spotted this, tried to help out her fellow member and pull the fringe down, but she  was caught on camera accidentally pulling down the shirt, exposing Taeyeons bare shoulder. Taeyeon is then seen jokingly acting serious and glaring at Yuri, who laughs from embarrassment and shock.

The netizens who watched the video showed a positive reaction, and left comments such as Revealing friendship. Thank you, Yuri nuna, They are both such cuties. They even look cute when dancing, I cracked up at kiddie Taeyeons serious and black pearl Yuris shocked reactions.

Source: TVReport via Naver