‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoo Chun, “I will show my natural charisma”

‘Rooftop Prince’ Park Yoo Chun, “I will show my natural charisma”

Rooftop Prince Park Yoo Chun, I will show my natural charisma JYJs Park Yoo Chun, who will appear SBSs Wednesday-Thursday series Rooftop Prince, which will start airing in March, recently expressed his feelings.

Writer Lee Hee Myung, who is currently working on the series, previously said that he believes Park has the ability to embody his character wonderfully. Then Park thanked Lee for supporting him.

Park said, I was really happy to read his interview. He is a great writer who wrote many wonderful TV dramas and he believes that I will do a good job performing in the series. Im thinking about describing the charismatic prince, the role I will play in the series. I want to perform his natural charisma instead of just yelling and being serious. I hope that I can satisfy Lee.

I really enjoyed reading the script. I read the third script this early morning and it was really funny that it shook off sleepiness right away. Even though Im a little pressured, Im working hard to understand the character.

Park also talked about when he shot a title scene. He said, When I wore Kings clothes for the first time to shoot the scene, I was really shy. But I tried hard not to be shy. If I go on time travel to the 21st century Seoul from Joseon Dynasty in real life, I will be crazier than my character in the series. I tried to focus on that feeling and I was not shy anymore.

The staff members for the series are also praising Park. Producer Ahn Gil Ho says, Park is doing a great job leading the series as a lead actor. He is already a crown prince in real life.

The series, in which Park will appear as a crown prince Lee Gak, will start airing in mid-March.

Source: Xportsnews