MBLAQ’s Joon says, “I want to be younger”

MBLAQ’s Joon says, “I want to be younger”

MBLAQs Joon says, I want to be younger MBLAQs Joon says that he wants to be friends with idol group members who were born in 1994.

In the episode of MBC Everyones Weekly Idol that will air on February 25, top seven clubs formed by idol group members will be revealed in one of its segments, Real Chart! Idols Self Ranking.

There are several clubs formed by idol group members such as Chocoball, 93 Line, and 94 Line, and Joon gets laughs, saying, I want to join the 94 Line where f(x)s Sulli and Krystal, KARAs Kang Ji Young, and Miss As Suzy are. I want to be younger!

The club that most idol members want to join is FC MEN, led by JYJs Jun Su. This is also a soccer team, to which B2STs Du Jun, Gi Kwang, and Yo Seop, 2AMs Jin Woon, Seul Ong, and Chang Min, and Kim Hyun Joong belong.

Many female idol members have also voted for FC MEN. Theres the only girl member in the team and she is KARAs Nicole. Its been revealed that the female idol members have voted for the team to succeed Nicoles position.

Source: TV Report