IU to Appear on Japanese Fashion Show

IU has one month left before her official debut in Japan. On March 2 she will be leaving for Japan to appear at a large fashion event the next day

IU to Appear on Japanese Fashion Show

IU has one month left before her in . On March 2 she will be leaving for to appear at a large event the next day. The event is “Tokyo Girls Collection 2012 s/s” and will be held at the Yokohama Arena. The event is a combination of fashion and entertainment. Famous celebrities walk the runway for the fashion show and on the side people can purchase the clothes being shown.

IU will be performing two songs for the event. (Usually celebrities are only asked to sing one.) After the “Tokyo Girls Collection” IU will stay in Japan for a week to appear in TV programs, do magazine , and appear in a photoshoot.

On January 24, IU held her first showcase in Japan.

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