25394t Ara Releases Teaser For Japanese Version Of Lies

T-ara Releases Teaser for Japanese Version of "Lies"

Following up to their promotions of "Lovey Dovey" in Korea, T-ara will begin promotions for the release of their third Japanese single "Roly Poly."

While the single is set for release on February 29, each version will contain a different B-side track. The regular version will have the Japanese version of "Roly Poly in Copacabana," while Limited Version A will have "Lies" and Version B will have "Apple is A." "Lies" will be the only B-side song to have a music video.

T-ara had originally debuted with the song "Lies" back in 2009.

F.T. Island releases director's cut version PV for Japanese title track 'Be Free' + teaser for album 'New Page'

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F.T. Island releases director's cut version PV for Japanese title track 'Be Free' + teaser for album 'New Page'

F.T Island is here with double the excitement with not only the PV for their new Japanese title track but a teaser for the corresponding album as well!

As mentioned before, the album entitled "New Page" will be the boys" fourth studio album in Japan and is set for release on May 28. The title song will be "Be Free" and you can get a feel for the song through the director"s cut edition of the PV above.

The other songs on the album can also be previewed through the teaser below.

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SM THE BALLAD Releases Korean-Chinese-Japanese Version Teaser Videos Simultaneously

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SM THE BALLAD Releases Korean-Chinese-Japanese Version Teaser Videos Simultaneously SM THE BALLAD"s second album teaser video was released in 3 different versions today.

Today on their official YouTube channel, Facebook page and other social networks, they posted their teaser video in Korean, Chinese and Japanese versions.

They released these 3 versions all at once, allowing many fans to catch a glimpse of their new album concept.

The teaser reveals 8 SM artists including TVXQ Changmin, Girls" Generation Taeyeon, Super Junior Yesung and more. Fans will be able to hear a bit of their deep and emotional ballad songs.

SM THE BALLAD will also hold a "THE BALLAD Vol. 2 Joint Recital" concert on February 12 and sing live songs from their new album.

Their album will officially release on February 13.

Infinite Releases Teaser for Japanese Version of "Man in Love"

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Infinite Releases Teaser for Japanese Version of Man in Love Infinite fans rejoice! Infinite recently released the teaser for their Japanese version of “Man in Love.” Before the release of their Japanese album though, Infinite’s Korean version album “New Challenge” has been doing very well according to the Japanese Oricon Chart.

Back in April 15, “New Challenge” (Which has the song “Man in Love”) reached #1 on the Oricon Charts for imported albums.

In 2012, Inifinite had held a successful arena tour in Japan that went through the cities Yokohama, Nagoya, Kobe, and Fukouka.

Infinite will be releasing their first Japanese album in early June. The album will be released 1 year and 6 months after their Japanese debut!

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CROSS GENE releases MV teaser for Japanese version of “La-Di Da-Di”

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Rookie idol group CROSS GENE is expanding its music career in Japan. Set to debut with first Japanse album Timeless-Future, the boys released a music video teaser for upcoming title track, La-Di Da-Di.

On November 1, Universal Music Japan released a video on its official Youtube channel. The title track La-Di Da-Di is the Japanese version of the groups Korean debut track of the same title.

Timeless-Future will be released on November 21. The album will be available in two different versions, the CD+DVD version which comes with a 40 page photobook, a lyrics card, and a tall case; and the CD-only version coming with a lyrics card and a 2P CD case.

Check out the teaser below!

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Releases "Oh!" Japanese Dance Version MV and Teaser for Complete Video Collection

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Girls Generation (SNSD) Releases Oh! Japanese Dance Version MV and Teaser for Complete Video CollectionGirl groupGirls' Generationhas just released their dance verso for their "Oh!" Japanese music video. This video contains fun dance moves instead of just their faces. The dance choreography is perfect in that all the girls' steps are right on time with the music. The video also showcases different back drop scenes such as a stadium and the locker room.

They have also released a teaser video online of their new Girls' Generation Complete Video Collection. This collection will be available on DVD and Blu-ray.

The single will contain two songs which are the Japanese version of "Oh!" and "All My Love is for You." The Complete Video Collection will feature 26 of their music videos.

The single and the video collection will be released on September 26.

f(x) releases audio teaser for "Hot Summer" Japanese version + MV stills

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f(x) releases audio teaser for Hot Summer Japanese version + MV stillsf(x) ended their promotions for their hit track, "Electric Shock," in Korea approximately a month ago and began preparing for their official Japanese debut with the Japanese version of "Hot Summer."

After opening the teaser website a few months ago, f(x)'s official Japanese website was finally updated with the "Hot Summer" concept. A short audio teaser of the Japanese version was revealed on the website, as well as stills of the Japanese music video.

A single cover with the text "Hot Summer, f(x)" written in bright colors is also seen on the website. No further information regarding f(x)'s Japanese debut single has been released yet, including the release date.

What do you think of the Japanese version?

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Infinite releases Japanese version "She's Back" MV teaser

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Infinite releases Japanese version Shes Back MV teaserAs announced before, Infinite will be releasing their 3rd Japanese single "She's Back." Earlier today, they finally released the music video teaser of the Japanese single.

Similar to their Korean version of "She's Back" music video, the setting takes place in a summery vacation spots, near a beach, in a forest and a near by pool side. The single shots of the Infinite members portray their individual charms, setting high anticipation in fans for another round of the promotion of "She's Back."

Their Japanese single will be consisted of three tracks, "She's Back," "TO-RA-WA," and a remix of "She's Back," with two different CD editions. The full version will be released August 29th.

Check out the music video teaser below!

Are you excited for the Japanese version of "She's Back"?

SHINee Releases Special Teaser for Japanese Version of "Sherlock"

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SHINee's special teaser for the Japanese version of "Sherlock" was released online today.

After promoting in Japan for most of 2011, SHINee made their Korean comeback with "Sherlock" and released their album last month on March 21. The song was very successful as they took one win on "M!Countdown," two on "Music Bank" and three on"Inkigayo." They also topped the Gaon chart by selling 135,370 copies. 

SHINee's Japanese version of "Sherlock" will be released next month on May 16 and is their fourth Japanese single. When they debuted in Japan last year, they had also released their first single "Replay (Kimi wa Boku no Everything" on May 16. 

Recently it was announced that they would be ending their live promotions this week. They will still be busy as they begin "The First Japan Arena Tour SHINee World 2012" on April 25 in Fukuoka, Japan.

T-ara reveals PV teaser for Japanese version of “Lies”

T-ara reveals PV teaser for Japanese version of “Lies”

Girl group T-ara has just unveiled a PV teaser for their new song, Lies.

Lies was originally in 2009 as part of T-aras Absolute First Album. Its been remastered and remade for a Japanese audience, and it looks like the song will be accompanied by a new music video.

In the video, the girls belt out a wonderful harmony while giving melancholy looks to the camera. Lies will be included as a B-side for Limited Edition A of their Roly-Poly Japanese single, which will be released on February 29th.

Check out their teaser below!