Lee Joon Gi, “My army experience matured me”

Lee Joon Gi, who was discharged from military service, recently said, “My army experience matured me.” On February 22, Lee talked how he feels about returning to normal life

Lee Joon Gi, “My army experience matured me”

Gi, who was discharged from military service, recently said, “My army experience matured me.”

On February 22, Lee talked how he feels about returning to normal life. He said, “I think I have grown up a lot. I am mature now.”

Lee smiled and said, “When I held my fan meeting few days ago, I was very thankful for my coming to see me. I have changed but I don’t know how to express that.”

“On the day I completed my army service, I was afraid of using a cell phone because I was not allowed to use it in the Army.”

“I am grateful for everything. When you are in the Army, you are grateful for small mercies. Since I had to do things that I have to rather than doing what I want to do, I became less clear about myself. But when I came back to normal life, I realized that I have lots of things.” 

“I released many things while I was in the Army. I was confused at first but soon I realized that I was holding on to many things. I used to keep me very busy and didn’t satisfy. But now I can see that I have many great things in my life.”

“I met many singers including in the Army. Since he is a singer and I’m an actor, we used to say each other let’s not invade each other’s territory. I’m currently considering my next job.”

Lee was discharged from military service on February 16.

Source: Starnews

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