Jang Jae-in Manages Diet to Win the Heart of Her Boyfriend

Jang Jae-in Manages Diet to Win the Heart of Her Boyfriend

On the episode of KBS 2TV's "Hello Counselor" that aired on Feb. 6, singer Jang Jae-in confessed she once went on a diet due to a boyfriend she liked, drawing attention from the viewers.

On the episode, a woman sought counselling, saying her agony was that her elder sister who succeeded in lowering her weight from 80 kg to 48 kg in only six months, tried to manage diets for her family members, inspecting each meal.

Jang Jae-in Manages Diet to Win the Heart of Her Boyfriend

Then MC Lee Young-ja said, "Most of the people who succeeded in losing weight by managing their diet had their own unique methods. They often went on a diet after they had been dumped by a boyfriend, for example, or being humiliated for being overweight in front of many people." The audience sympathized with her remarks.

At that time, Jang revealed, "I also went on a diet after being shocked by my weight. I managed my diet to capture the heart and mind of my boyfriend and lost 11kg."

She said, however, that after losing weight, her passion for the boy faded. Lee Young-ja agreed with her, saying, "When one manages to lose weight, one becomes haughty," producing great laughter on the studio set.

Jang revealed her recent agony on the episode. She said that at the time she appeared in "Vitamin," she was selected as the most dangerous woman in terms of biological age and earned the nickname "Grandmother Jang."

Meanwhile, on the Monday episode of "Hello Counselor," in addition to Jang, composer Kim Hyong-seok and singer Song Si-gyeong also appeared and engaged in counselling service, showing off their conversational skills.

Writer: Honorary reporter Noh Ji-won

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