Couple Confirm Love for Each Other in My One and Only

Couple Confirm Love for Each Other in My One and Only

A man and woman have confirmed their love for each other in the KBS1 daily drama “My One and Only.”

On the February 8 episode, Na Mu-gung-hwa (Han Hye-rin) sends a text messages letting Gi Wun-chan (Seo Joon-young) know when she is arriving in Seoul from Japan. She expects him to be at the airport although he said that they can’t see each other any more, only to find he is not there. Disappointed and hurt with tears in her eyes, she takes a taxi to head home.

Couple Confirm Love for Each Other in ‘My One and Only’

But Wun-chan actually comes to the airport but watches her from a distance, and he follows her in another taxi to her home. Mu-gung-hwa comes to see him right when he is about to leave.

Mu-gung-hwa tells him in tears, “Please don’t leave. Did you come to the airport? Why didn’t you tell me? Why do you make my heart hurt so much?” Then she embraces him, asking him, “You must have missed me, and I’m still in your heart, right?”

Wun-chan quietly puts her hand on his heart.

Mu-gung-hwa reiterates to her parents that she is completely over her fiancé Han Seo-jun (Seo Do-young) and loves Wun-chan.

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