Man Sings for Woman of His Love

Man Sings for Woman of His Love

A cold-hearted man has taken care of and sung for a woman he is in love in with when she falls ill in the KBS2 Monday-Tuesday drama “Brain.”

On the January 16 episode, Yoon Ji-hye (Choi Jung-won) comes down with the flu after pushing herself too hard to carry out a task given by Lee Kang-hoon (Shin Ha-kyun), her boss for whom she has feelings. But she makes a mistake in collecting vital data, ending up being criticized by Kang-hoon. To make up for her mistake, she performs the task again despite not feeling well, and becomes bedridden afterward with a high fever and chill.

Man Sings for Woman of His Love

Learning that Ji-hye has failed to come to work, Kang-hoon goes to her home and finds she has fallen asleep, sweating and trembling. He checks her temperature and keeps changing wet towers to reduce it, while waiting for her to wake up.

Ji-hye is surprised to see Kang-hoon in her room when she wakes up and says, “What are you doing here?” Kang-hoon bluntly tells her, “You should’ve told me that you didn’t feel good. You probably didn’t do it on purpose to make me feel sorry to you. But to my regret, I don’t feel sorry at all.” But deep down he is really worried about her.

Kang-hoon asks her if she would like him to order some food for her, but Ji-hye asks him to sing a song for her instead of food, which is unthinkable for him. Kang-hoon initially retorts, saying, “You must have gone insane since you had a high fever,” and tries to leave. But soon he sits on the bed and starts to sing, which moves Ji-hye. Ji-hye quietly sheds tears and Kang-hoon kisses her.

“The Brain” drew its curtain with an happy ending on January 17.

Writer: Roh Ji-won

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