Woman Bodyguard Dresses Up in Red in ‘Wild Romance’

A boyish woman bodyguard had to dress up in red because she lost a bet with the baseball player she is working for in the new KBS2 drama “Wild Romance

A boyish woman bodyguard had to dress up in red because she lost a bet with the baseball player she is working for in the new 2 .”

On the January 5 episode, Yu Eun-jae (Lee Si-young) assures Park Mu-yeol (Lee Dong-wook) that she will protect him no matter what after a poisonous drink is found to have been sent to Mu-yeol.

Woman Bodyguard Dresses Up in Red in ‘Wild Romance’

But Mu-yeol just laughs at her and tells her he does not need her help because he is not afraid of such things as a proud batter who does not even blink at a baseball flying at high speed.

Upset by his remarks, Eun-jae makes a bet with him — the one who fails to hit a ball and gets three strikes will have to wear a feminine dress. But Eun-jae is stunned at the speed of the ball. Then Jin Dong-su (Oh Man-seok), Mu-yeol’s fellow catcher, tries to help her by giving her a tip. He tells her to make the ball dead on purpose, and she does so by turning her back against the ball.

But Kim Tae-han (Kang Dong-ho), a management staff member of the team who serves as a referee at the request of Mu-yeo, declares it a strike as Eun-jae has turned her when the ball has already reached the strike zone.

Eun-jae pleads with Mu-yeol to give her a break, but to no avail, and ends up wearing a red dress and going to the team’s New Year party.

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Woman Bodyguard Dresses Up in Red in ‘Wild Romance’
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