Yoo Ah In shoots ‘King of Fashion’ in Brooklyn

Yoo Ah In shoots ‘King of Fashion’ in Brooklyn

Yoo Ah In shoots King of Fashion in Brooklyn

Yoo Ah In recently shot a scene for SBSs new Monday-Tuesday series King of Fashion in Brooklyn, New York.

He shot a scene for the series in front of an old apartment in Brooklyn. His rebellious facial expression in a black half coat and his short hairstyle reminded people of James Dean, a symbol of manhood in the United States.

He arrived in New York after he finished shooting the series in Las Vegas on February 11. He says, It was not hard to overcome jet lag because I had to shoot the series overnight. However, it is a little hard for me to move from place to place because it takes a long time. But since the staff members have to carry the heavy things all the way here from Los Angeles, I am inspired to keep working hard.

The series, which will start airing on March 12 after the current airing series Salaryman Cho Han Ji, is about young people who become successful designers. Writers Lee Sun Mi and Kim Ki Ho, who wrote the series Happening in Bali, and producer Lee Myung Woo make the series.

Yoo will play the role of Kang Young Gul, who had a hard childhood while living with his aunt. But he becomes a successful designer, thanks to his ability to concentrate all his energy into fashion. Besides Yoo, Shin Se Kyung, Jang Mi Hee, Lee Jae Hoon, and SNSDs Yuri will appear on the series.

Source: TV Report