Kim Soo Hyun – The Sexiest King Ever in Sageuk

In the end of episode 12, Lee Hwon said, “For the queen, let’s undress!” Many women has a sleepless night for the sentence

In the end of episode 12, Lee Hwon said, “For the queen, let’s undress!”

Many women has a sleepless night for the sentence. The episode 12 of MBC Wednesday and Thursday series is ending with a strong and powerful line of Lee Hwon (). The sentence gave birth to the sexiest king throughout the history of sageuk.

From the crown prince period, the crown prince has won the love of many female with the lively romance. After becoming the king, the vision of female audience is firmly grasped with his sexy and mature charisma.

“It’s not easy to be a king of a country.” Lines has to be convincing, appearance has to be handsome, when saying “Woon, come in” also has to be languidly. And the line of “The original man looks cold” does not shaken him.

The excellent charisma own by him, the cuteness shown on the first date, and the look of unable to forget the first love is deeply rooted inside people’s heart.

Kim Soo Hyun – The Sexiest King Ever in Sageuk

Ability cannot be ignored, as he also possess an acute sense of judgment. After Queen Dowager Yoon ended her hand on state affairs from behind the curtain, the king has took over the state affairs for 3 years. He is aware that Yoon Dae Hyun and ministers have stole the treasury, and is finding ways to resolve.

As the result, “Kim Soo Hyun has portrayed a perfect king,” coupled with the lines, it’s not an easy thing to do. Netizens enthusiastically said, “Lingering constantly with Kim Soo Hyun performance,” “This is the first time I feel so realistically the king when watching historical drama. Love it,” “Hwon is the real pure love,” “Romantic when young, sexy when grown up” and so on.

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