K-Pop Star BoA Attracting Interest

K-Pop Star BoA Attracting Interest

‘K-Pop Star’ BoA Attracting InterestContestants exceptional talent isnt the only attraction for the viewers on SBS K-Pop Star but also the advice and commentary of the judges from different personality is fun to watch.

Among the three judges Yang Hyun Suk, JYP and BoA, the viewers are most interested in BoAs comments. She has very colorful image of being like an older sister, like a mother sweet then at the same time is stern. BoA is very encouraging to those contestants who bear the fruit of their efforts however to those who dont meet her expectations she gives very stern advice.

Especially in the most recent episode aired on February 12 she gave stern advice to Lee Michelle whom she has trained. The reason being that Lee Michelle didnt have any self-management even though her throat was in bad condition. BoA shared, Its been a week since I saw you in the recording studio. Your throat wasnt good at that time also. And I was worried since I saw you chatting in the recording studio. Self-management is also a skill.

As shown in earlier episodes BoA gives claps and cheer to those participants who show an excellent performance. She approaches the contestants by sharing her commentaries and advice from her heart sharing her honest opinion.

BoA is known as the 1st generation idols that started off the hallyu wave from the beginning. Its exciting to see BoAs active part in K-Pop Star not only mere enjoying the performances by the contestants.