JYP and YG building comparison

Park Jinyoung commented about their company's building, and said "If JYP building is right next to YG building, JYP building would look like janitor's building

JYP and YG building comparison

Park Jinyoung commented about their company’s building, and said “If building is right next to YG building, building would look like janitor’s building.”

From the SBS ‘K-POP Survival Audition’ on January 15th showed TV audience about their casting audition scene.

On that day, with looking at Erin Young and Julie Chabrol, asked YG “I want to visit YG company building also. Your building is phenomenal, is it?” Then YG goes “You think so? Shall we write a contract with YG right now?”, and embrassed for a second.

JYP overheard their conversation. He said “If JYP building is right next to YG company building, ours is like janitor’s room”, and made everybody laugh.

So the set of pictures that sorted out by each management company grabs readers attention again. This was recently posted from one online community named as ‘different idol management company building ’. Each company building was compared to such as public building or individual houses. 

SM Entertainment was described as a community office, YG was described as like classy venture business company, and JYP was described as theater becasue of the singer’s banner on the building. By looking at this picture we can easily understand why Boa wanted to visit YG’s building, and JYP commented about their building like a Janitor’s office.



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