Figure Skater Kim Yuna at the Airport

Posted: February 8, 2012 5:34 AM EST Yuna, at the airport Figure Skater Queen Kim Yuna's real photos at the airport are the talk of the town

Posted: February 8, 2012 5:34 AM EST

Yuna, at the

Figure Skater Kim Yuna at the Airport

Skater Queen Kim Yuna’s real photos at the airport are the talk of the town. 

Recently, on an online community, a photo was posted with a title that read “Ran into Kim Yuna at the Incheon Airport”.

In the photo, Kim Yuna has her long hair down and is wearing a pair of jeans with matching sneakers. Even though she is in a comfortable attire and looks pleasantly simple, her natural ratio is eye-catching.

Netizens commented, “Your face is so small. You have perfect body ratio”, “Wow, you got to see Kim Yuna at the airport? I am jealous”, “You shine even though you are pleasantly simple” and etc. 

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Kim Yuna and Ha Ji Won donate $100,000 USD towards the Sewol ferry accident
Skater Kim Yuna may be the "Ice Queen," but she showed that her heart was warm and as pure as gold through a recent donation for the victims and those affected by the tragic ferry incident. The Korean Committee for UNICEF said on April 21, "UNICEF"s national ambassador Kim Yuna has donated 100 million won (around $100,000 USD) to the Korean Committee for UNICEF as she shares the pain the whole nation is going through in the wake of the Sewol tragedy...
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