allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

Welcome to another edition of ‘allkpop TV guide and Ratings‘, an exclusive feature that spotlights popular Korean dramas. Itwill discuss ratings for each week’s episodes, as well as provide brief recaps (with spoilers, so watch out!) of shows that we know allkpop readers are enjoying.

We’ve got the two regular shows being recapped for this week —‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘ (starring Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, Jung Il Woo) and ‘Wild Romance‘ (Lee Si Young, Lee Dong Wook, Girls Generation‘s Jessica). Weve also brought on a board a new series from cable channel tvN called Shut Up Flower Boy Band, starring INFINITEs L and Sung Jong as well as Two Months Ye Rim.

[Note: 'Shut Up Flower Boy Band' will not be included in the ratings recap as it is a cable drama and has different ratings standards.]

KBSs highly anticipated teenage drama, Dream High 2, aired its pilot episode last week, joining the ranks of the Monday-Tuesday prime time line-up. The drama came out with a respectable 10.5% rating; sadly, it dropped to a 9.8% rating with its second episode.

Although Dream High 2 creates a new story with a fresh cast, many viewers are still pining over the first Dream High. Comparisons between the first and second seasons are inevitable, shoring up some dissatisfied feelings from dedicated fans. Additionally, the second episode is drawing criticism for its prolonged music video section. Lets hope Dream High 2 will be able to increase its ratings as the conflicts between the idols and students escalate.

allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

So far, 2012 has provided MBC with a smooth carpet ride, as its two major productions are reigning in their respective time slots. Their Monday-Tuesday drama, Light and Shadow (starring Ahn Jae Wook and Son Dam Bi), has been steadily increasing its viewership, allowing it to reach a new high of 17.7% last week. Light and Shadow will still have to keep an eye on its rival, SBSHistory of a Salaryman, since they were able to achieve a respectable rating of 15.1%.

As for MBCs other major production, The Moon that Embraces the Sun, there seems to be no limit to its explosive growth. The drama neared 40% mark this week with a 34.1% and 37.1%, respectively. If this trend continues to climb, The Moon that Embraces the Sun will undoubtedly reach national drama status (being above the 40% mark).

allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

While MBC basks in its much-deserved glory for The Moon that Embraces the Sun, their competitors continue to slump miserably in the ratings race.

SBSs Take Care of Us, Captain (starring Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee) and KBSWild Romance are suffering at the hands of weak statistics this week. True, Take Care of Us, Captain is still attaining decent ratings of 7.5% and 7.8%; yet the fact that its at a mature point in its storyline has cast a harsh spotlight on this lack of double digits.

As for Wild Romance, it suffered terribly with a low rating of 4.5%. Though theyve added a popular idol to their cast, it hasnt done much to improve the score. KBS will have to think of something quickly to resuscitate these dying ratings.

allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

We also got our first look at Rooftop Prince, which will air on March 14th after Take Care of Us, Captain. This fantasy romance drama stars JYJYoochun and actress Han Ji Min. Due to Yoochuns confirmed status as a blue chip in the industry, Rooftop Prince could very well bring SBS back into the ratings game.

[ Spoiler warning below!!! ]

Shut Up Flower Boy Band (tvN)

allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

Official Synopsis: Shut Up Flower Boy Band is centered around a high school band known asEye Candy, whose members are comprised of delinquents who face varying personal problems. The drama depicts their friendships, love, and youthful passionall tied together by the unifying force, music.

Recap of Ep. 1-2: The drama begins by introducing the band, Eye Candy. Special focus lands on Byung Hee, the leader (a special cameo by Lee Min Ki) and Ji Hyuk (Sung Joon). These boys are troublemakers in their run-down high school, which gets shut down by the city. The boys are transferred to the rich school, Jung Sang High School, where they encounter tensions with the local band, Strawberry Fields. These two bands from different schools both want the practice room, and the two agree to have a band showdown in front of the school for playing rights.

Meanwhile, Byung Hee meets his muse, Soo Ah (Jo Bo Ah), who lives in a run-down house next to Ji Hyuk (her fathers bankruptcy left her family in a financial crisis). The leader of Strawberry Fields, Seung Hoon (played by Jung Ui Chul), gets enraged by Byung Hees friendly relationship with Soo Ah. As Seung Hoon sends his boys to gang up on Byung Hee, Ji Hyuk and the rest of the band members frantically search for him, only to find Byung Hee

The Moon that Embraces the Sun (MBC)

allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

Official Synopsis: ‘The Moon That Embraces TheSun’ tells of the strong love between ‘KingLee Hwon’ (Kim SooHyun) and a female shaman named ‘Wol’ (Han Ga In).Wol was born from a noble family and was slated to become Hwon’s queen,but a nasty game of politics resulted in her ‘death’. She is rescued butwithout her memories as a court lady, and so she’s brought up to be ashaman. Years later, King Lee Hwon and Wol meet again, but how willtheir love story unfold…?

Recap of Ep. 9-10: With Hwon demanding to know who sent Wol to tend to his illness, a minister decides to jail and brand out of fear of the kings anger. Hwon cant seem to forget about Yeon Woo/Wol, which only complicates his relationship with princess Bo Kyung; Bo Kyung hears of the female shaman who visited Hwon, and slowly her jealousy begins to eat her up inside.

As for Wol, her memories as Yeon Woo continue to flicker in and out. She begins to wonder if these are really her own memories..

Hwon also receives Wols last letter to him during their childhood and compares the letter she wrote to him recently to this one from her past. He suddenly understands that there is a connection between the two girls, and orders Wol to return to his side. As shes escorted back, she gets pulled aside by Yang Myung (Jung Il Woo), who asks if she remembers him.

Wild Romance (KBS)

allkpop TV Guide and Ratings (01/30-02/05)

Official Synopsis: Because of an unforeseen situation, Eun Jae (Lee Si Young) is appointedas baseball star Moo Yul’s (Lee Dong Wook) bodyguard. Although the twohate each other from the beginning, romance arises between the baseballstar and his bodyguard, a former judo athlete.

Recap of Ep. 9-10: Eun Jae finally confesses to Moo Yul, but the moment is interrupted by Jong Hee (SNSDs Jessica). Eun Jae tries to play off the confession like it was a joke, but Moo Yul is bothered by itopening up the possibility of him having feelings for Eun Jae in return.

Jong Hee and Moo Yul continue to get closer and go on many dates, and it becomes too hurtful for Eun Jae. She decides to quit her position as a bodyguard for Moo Yul. Her absence bothers Moo Yul, and he finds himself constantly questioning Eun Jaes boss on her whereabouts.

Amidst all of this, Jong Hee begins to dream of marrying Moo Yul. However, her daydreams and plans get a rude awakening when she discovers that her cat has been killed, the culprit unseen

[ End of spoilers]

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