YoonA and Son Eun Seo dazzle with their beauty in pre-debut photos

Pre-debut photos of Girls’ Generation member YoonA and actress Son Eun Seo have become a hot topic, thanks to the girls’ fresh beauty

YoonA and Son Eun Seo dazzle with their beauty in pre-debut photos

Pre- photos of Girls’ Generation member and actress have become a hot topic, thanks to the girls’ fresh beauty.

On February 6th, an online community board shared these behind-the-scenes photos from YoonA and Son Eun Seo’s Clean & Clear CF. The caption read, “YoonA before her debut at a CF shoot with Son Eun Seo”.

The photos reportedly date from 2006, just a year before Girls’ Generation’s debut. Though it’s been six years, very little has changed in terms of YoonA and Son Eun Seo’s appearance — they’re still as fresh-faced as they were in their pre-debut days. Both YoonA and Son Eun Seo drew compliments for being diligent and professional, as seen by the way they monitor themselves off-.

Netizens commented, “The two are perfect for being commercial models” and “Spring girl aura~ I get happy just by looking at it.”

YoonA is currently filming her debut , ‘‘, along with co-star . Meanwhile, Son In Seo has been paired up with ‘s Donghae for an upcoming episode of ‘‘.


Source: Star News

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