22 Unforgettable Special Stages Performed By Your Favorite Idols

22 Unforgettable Special Stages Performed By Your Favorite Idols

Although everyone has their faves, you cant deny that musicians all around the world thrive on collaboration. Special stages flourish in the idol world, too; from groups covering one anothers songs to idols coming together for brand new performances, special stages are a treat for fans and casual watchers alike. So without further ado, we present some of the best special stages throughout the years. Enjoy!

1. BTOB – MAMAMOOs Youre The Best

Despite MAMAMOOs impressive vocals in this song, BTOB pulls off this cover like its no big deal. In fact, MAMAMOO covered BTOBs song Its Okay in return!

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2. GFRIEND and TWICE – Girls Generations Gee

Some of this generations top girl groups honoring their senior artist is truly something to behold. The members of the two groups flowed incredibly well together, almost as if they were one big girl group.

To be honest, I expected GOT7 do to a girl group cover while acting ridiculous, but in the video below, they were fully dedicated to the concept. Mr. Chu never fails to make me smile, and neither does GOT7.

4. Hyorin, Ailee, and Jessi – Bang Bang by Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj

These three queens coming together makes this a one-in-a-million performance. The vocals, rapping, and charisma are all off the charts. Needless to say, this stage changed lives.

Not only does ASTRO perfectly suit this concept, but the members nailed the vocals and choreography, too. Two words can summarize my reaction to this performance: Rockys vocals. Thats all you need to know.

6. Cosmic Girls and EXID – EXIDs Up Down and Hot Pink

To be honest, Cosmic Girls exceeded expectations during this stage. They arent usually known for being sexy, but they still did EXIDs songs justice. Props to these girls!

7. UP10TION – boy group medley

Nothing warms my heart like a good medley, so I have to thank UP10TION personally for this performance. Through covering other artists, the members were really able to show off their true colors.

Although Im personally not too familiar with LABOUM, I have to admire their work on this cover. They maintained the original feel of the song while adding their own flair, which is an admirable feat.

9. 2MIN (SHINees Taemin and BTSs Jimin)

Watching these two talented dancers collaborating is definitely a sight to behold. They each have their own set of skills, but the two dancing together is what really makes this a stage to remember.

10. SEVENTEEN – girl group medley

When it comes to covers, SEVENTEEN has a knack for excellent arrangements. These guys can take any song and make it sound like their own, allowing them to have a strong repertoire of covers.

11. MAMAMOO – BIGBANGs Sunset Glow

What cant these girls sing? This take on the BIGBANG song (which is actually a remake of Lee Moon Saes classic) can make anyone whos listening feel instantly happier. MAMAMOOs feel-good vibes and vocal talent definitely do the song justice.

When combining the catchiness of TWICE songs and DAY6s skilled instrumentation, the result is a recipe for gorgeous music. DAY6s medley of TT, Knock Knock, and Signal is an excellent tribute to their JYP labelmates.

13. Seulgi, SinB, Momo, Choi Yoojung, and Kim Chungha – INFINITEs Be Mine

Combining these five girl crushes on one stage is really dangerous for ones health. Not only do Red Velvets Seulgi, GFRIENDs SinB, TWICEs Momo, Weki Mekis Choi Yoojung, and Kim Chungha have killer dance moves, but their visuals are all next level as well. All in all, this is a combo that needs to happen again someday.

14. BTS – Shinhwas Perfect Man

I know that this is the one most of you have been waiting for. An iconic cover, Perfect Man made everyone watching become a Jimin stan for the duration of the performance.

15. Taeyang – Eyes, Nose, Lips on Fantastic Duo

Does this even count as a special stage? Im not sure, but it should be included regardless. The vocals set a mood that took my breath away, as the girl who sings with Taeyang has an unforgettable voice.

16. Boys Day – Girls Days Something

When some guys cover a girl group, they really get into character. And if were being honest here, NUESTs Ren, BTOBs Minhyuk, VIXXs Hongbin, and A-JAXs Seungjin all look beautiful as heck. Kill it, boys.

17. Ten, Rocky, Dino, Shownu, Jinyoung, and Hyunkyung – Ultra Dance Festival

In an epic collaboration combining NCTs Ten, ASTROs Rocky, SEVNENTEENs Dino, MONSTA Xs Shownu, GOT7s Jinyoung, and ROMEOs Hyunkyung, the Ultra Dance Festival stage was born. There is no shortage of skills or swag among these six, making this performance a thrill to watch.

18. Girls Generation – Wonder Girls Tell Me

It wasnt until I watched this performance that I realized how old Tell Me is. This stage happened in 2008, before Girls Generation came out with Gee and Wonder Girls was the talk of the town. It may be an oldie, but this stage is still a good one.

19. MONSTA X – TVXQs Mirotic

The original Mirotic was already pretty sexy, yet MONSTA X managed to put a new spin on the still-sexy song. TVXQ is a well respected group in K-pop, and MONSTA X did well in covering their song.

20. GOT7, Red Velvet, Lovelyz, and WINNER – Maroon 5s Moves Like Jagger

The super rookies of 2014 came together for this fun special stage at the start of their careers, which is crazy to think considering where they all are now. This performance is energetic and carefree, and everyone onstage seems like theyre having a good time.

21. EXOs Chanyeol and TWICEs Nayeon – Baekhyun and Suzys Dream

These two have gorgeous voices, and this stage really gave them a chance to show off that talent. This collaboration is simple and classy, doing well in keeping the vibes of the original.

22. NCT – Super Juniors Sorry Sorry

Of course everyone knows Sorry Sorry, since its only been covered so many times before. However, NCTs version is a bit special because of their status as Super Juniors little brother group under SM Entertainment.

Which special stage is your favorite? Be sure to tell us in the comments below!

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