MBLAQ’s Lee Joon almost had a ‘yoga-kiss’ on ‘Star King’

SBS’s ‘Star King‘ held a ‘Gag King’ contest on its recent episode.  ’Gag King’ contestant Yoo Han Kyul chose MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon to demonstrate a few “couple yoga” positions

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon almost had a ‘yoga-kiss’ on ‘Star King’

SBS’s ‘Star King‘ held a ‘Gag King’ contest on its recent episode.  ’Gag King’ contestant Yoo Han Kyul chose ‘s to demonstrate a few “couple yoga” positions.

Yoga instructor Yoo Han Kyul explained to Lee Joon the three important steps to successfully doing couple yoga. “Eye contact, skin ship, and your mind; you have to trust and follow me”.

After stretching their legs and holding each other by the shoulders Lee Joon felt shy and embarrassed by their close proximity but continued to do as he was told. Titling their heads back for 5 seconds, as soon as they came back to resting position Yoo Han Kyul leaned forward and yelled, “Stop!”.

As she lovingly gazed at Lee Joon and leaned in to kiss him, she continued, “I want your philtrum (the part between the nose and upper lip)“, bringing laughter to the audience.

You can check out the hilarious clip of what happened below:

Source + Image: Reviewstar

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